VESSL Pipelines
Automate ML workflows
with end-to-end CI/CD

Orchestrate every step of ML from data ingestion to
model deployment without the engineering challenge.

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Battle-tested in production
by our largest ML-focused customers

COGNEX Deep Learning Lab deploys machine vision models for manufacturing lines 4X faster with VESSL Pipelines.
Hyundai Motors Autonomous Driving Team’s 100+ data scientists shadow deployments with VESSL.
TMAP MOBILITY Data Platform Team saves 160+ weekly hours in continuous training with 50B+ monthly clickstream data.

Continuously Train &
Continuously Deliver

Empower your ML team to explore more, ideas around features, models, and hyperparameters.
Set up robust CI/CD pipelines in minutes to automatically
train 🡒 evaluate 🡒 serve.

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Build by Drag & Drop

Compose end-to-end pipelines in just a few clicks without worrying about the complex compute backends.

Containerized Jobs

Ensure production readiness with fully containerized, reproducible workloads like training and inference tasks.

Multi-Cluster Support

Launch each step with custom runtime on different cloud or on-prem clusters to optimize resource usage.

Iterate faster without a dedicated MLOps team

Focus on your core competency. Continuously train SOTA models faster at scale without battling obscure infrastructure and complex backends.

pipeline diagram
  • Declarative ML

    Specify conditions and actions and easily modify pipelines by just editing run configurations.

  • Scheduled Executions

    Execute jobs on a schedule or specify the frequency of your job using cron job schedules.

  • Continuous Training

    Monitor models in production and update models automatically when drift is detected.

  • Reusable Components

    Configure each workload or step as a reusable component and reference it as a template.

  • End-to-end Lineage

    Track end-to-end lineage and all metadata of the pipeline to ensure reproducibility.

  • Dynamic Resources

    Design reliable and cost-effective infra for your workloads by scaling up or out GPU clusters.

Streamline workflows
with integrations

  • AWSGCPKubernetes

    Cloud Service

    Set up multi- or hybrid cloud infra for your pipeline on any cloud at any scale.

  • GithubGitLabBitbucket

    Git Codebase

    Mount your Git repo directly to your project or workload and version your ML codebase.

  • AWS S3GCP StorageGCP Storages

    Data Store

    Connect data source and version-control your datasets every time your workload runs.

  • StreamlitmlflowHugging FaceKubeflow

    ML Stack

    Integrate third-party or open-source tools to power up your pipeline.

  • Jupyter NotebookVS CodeSlack

    Dev Tools

    Build, configure, and run pipelines with your favorite dev tools.

  • CronWebhook

    Cron & Webhook

    Trigger CI runs or send alerts on specific conditions with Webhook and Cron.

scalability, performance, and security

  • Advanced Security

    Advanced Security

    Protect your most valued assets with fine-grained access control and advanced security through your ML lifecycle.

  • Battle-tested Performance

    Battle-tested Performance

    VESSL is battle-tested in the most demanding production environment with enterprise-level uptime SLAs.

  • Scalable Infrastructure

    Scalable Infrastructure

    Deploy at scale on a dedicated or self-managed hybrid cloud with enhanced security protection for the most sensitive data.

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We’ll partner with you to ensure success

Our solutions team will help onboard your team and provide technical consulting on custom deployments so you can get up and running in days.

Custom Pipelines
  • Custom Pipelines

    Our team of ML and MLOps experts will work with you to build a custom pipeline that best suits your business needs.

  • Onboarding & Integrations

  • Deployment Configurations

  • MLOps Services

Custom Pipelines

Custom Pipelines

Our team of ML and MLOps experts will work with you to build a custom pipeline that best suits your business needs.

Onboarding & Integrations

Onboarding & Integrations

Our team is here to set you up for success from Day 1 to onboard your team and provide technical integration support.

Deployment Configurations

Deployment Configurations

We will work with you on your existing data infra and cloud or on-prem clusters to optimize reliability and cost.

MLOps Services

MLOps Services

Get insight into how you can adopt industry-leading MLOps practices with hands-on training and guided tutorials.

Build end-to-end
ML pipelines effortlessly.
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